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But the actual situation is not this simple, as you can see in THREE VIEWS OF CREATION.

For all age-questions, "Is young-earth belief an essential part of Christian theology?

David Berlinski (OE) wonders what happened before the beginning and Apologetics Press (YE, A B) describes science history and science.Another response is to claim that their own logical analysis of the evidence is better than the conventional analysis: Tas Walker responds to old-earth arguments and there is a 3-part series (OE YE OE) about The Problems of Flood Geology by Mark Isaak (OE) & Jonathan Sarfati (YE) & Brad Henke (OE), and a comprehensive page about The Fossil Record by Sean Pitman.• Principles and applications are explained by the Haarsmas and Roger Wiens (briefly & in detail) and Jonathon Woolf & Brent Dalrymple & Hill Roberts.• Mark Isaak asks 20 tough questions about Producing the Geological Record in a Global Flood.• Answers In Creation offers a free Online Geology Curriculum for homeschoolers, or anyone who wants to learn.

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