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The update function on a gridview will automatically update the values since the Bind() function is two-way binding.

Is everything else in the row updating the datasource? I started to focus on the dropdown so much i must have made a change to stopped the datasource from updating. I will give you the code for my Grid View while I look at why the binding to the datasource might be wrong I don't see anything wrong with the gridview, you don't need the extra delete, update and insert parameters for the Lookup Object Datasource, if you want to clean it up a bit.

the problem is still saving the edits done by the user to the gridview in edit mode.

Configuration; public partial class _Default1 : System. Actually last night I spent many hours on this issue . Once you get the other fields updating, the dropdown list should update with no problems, since you are using Bind().I would check the List Data Source Update function and make sure it is working properly. I thought perhaps because it was in a Web User Control, that is why I couldn't debug. It is just for some reason, my breakpoint isn't working. The problem is that the new selected index in the Drop Dow List seems to be the original one. I used the Grid View designer, Allow Edit, Allow Delete, here is the code: Ok lets take a step back.You have the dropdownlist in a template field, and you are Binding to the variable "cat".

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